The Lenfesty Report - May 2016

(June 04, 2016 )

How’s the Market?

Another month, another real estate record!

Across the region we are seeing housing prices rise and at the same time, the number of homes sold setting records. The demand for homes is just not slowing and it’s that demand that is pushing prices upwards. What’s behind it all?

We are experiencing a number of market influences all hitting at the same time – any one of which on its own could help forge a strong market. Together they have led to our current pressure cooker: low mortgage rates, a growing economy, a growing population, a weak Canadian dollar, the strengthening US economy, and a huge flight of capital (and people) from China. Not to mention all the attractions of lifestyle and weather that make Greater Vancouver so desirable to us all.

I’d like to help you with your real estate needs by putting my years of experience to work for you. Call me for a read of the market and advice that can help you make good decisions with confidence. It could be a great time to make a move.