The Lenfesty Report Jan 2015

(January 28, 2015 )

Friends, clients & neighbours:

I’d like to wish you all the best for 2015.

Quality of life is always important, and here in the Vancouver area we are specially blessed with above-average safety, security, weather, opportunity and, of course, a buoyant real estate market.
Real estate is essential to families, both as a safe haven for life, and as an investment for future security.

This year we are forecasting a continuation of last year’s balanced market, with modest price increases over the course of the year. The fundamentals that influence the real estate market – population growth, expanding economy, low interest rates, a secure environment – are all in place for us.

If you are considering a move or real estate investment this year, I can offer an unmatched depth of experience and market knowledge to help you achieve your goals.