The Lenfesty Report, June 2015

(June 22, 2015 )

Friends, Clients, & Neighbours:

How wonderful is this place?

Weather: gorgeous. Scenery: gorgeous. Economy: leading the country. Consumer confidence: high (proven daily by the high demand for residential real estate).

And in spite of the headlines, between a third and a half of all homes purchases are by first-time buyers.

As the demand for single-family detached houses outstrips supply, developers are responding with more affordable multi-family buildings and more purpose-built rental complexes, and councils are making it easier to build townhouse and coach houses.

Boomers parents who have enjoyed a huge lift in their equity through real estate gains are helping their children get into the market.

Yes, the market is complicated - but there have never been more options available for both buyers and sellers. I can help you sort through it all to make the best choices.